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Computency Limited employs two full-time staff:

William L Pechey BSc (Eng) MIEE MIEEE FBIS is known as Bill Bill has significant Senior Management experience, having worked at Hayes Microcomputer Products from 1986 to 1998. Throughout that time he was the most senior European technical employee having been Director and, latterly, Chief Technology Officer (Europe). He was also an officer of all Hayes European subsidiaries. Prior to Hayes he was at Racal Milgo as Chief Engineer. His background is in engineering but his responsibilities have also included elements of sales, marketing and public relations. He has worked in the telecommunications and data communications industries for thirty years. Some major responsibilities have been :

Business :
  • Set up many aspects of the Hayes European Headquarters including finance, administration, technical support, training and sales departments.
  • Acted as corporate spokesman for many years. Built excellent relationships with key journalists; Hayes had very few examples of adverse publicity.
  • Played a major part in the negotiation of numerous ventures with other companies.
  • Was responsible for licensing of Hayes intellectual property in Europe.
  • Was a member of the executive of the Mobile Data Association.
  • As the technical element of a sales hit-team, built Racal Milgo's business with BT from almost zero to 5m in a year.
Technical :
  • Twenty-four years experience of global standards-making with ITU, ETSI and 3GPP. Is UK coordinator and delegation leader for ITU-T Study Group 16. ITU-T Rapporteur for error control and data compression. UK voting co-ordinator for ETSI TIPHON (IP telephony)
  • Located, qualified and negotiated external sources of technology for Hayes in several areas including ISDN, PCMCIA, GSM, Cable Modems, and xDSL.
  • Defined procedures to speed up the development, approval and manufacture mechanisms for Hayes European products.
  • Set up a European development unit to design ISDN devices.
  • Ran the development of a special modem for the UK electricity metering market.
  • Built the European technical support department into an efficient team thus enhancing the external reputation of the company.
  • Writes a regular column in IT Week
His credentials are founded upon :
  • Long experience in the telecommunications and data communications industries. Twenty-four years in the standards-making area have given him an insight into future technology and products.
  • Experience of all technical aspects of the operation of high-tech companies has given him an ability to see opportunities and problems in systems.
  • Has built a long list of contacts and resources which can lead to high-quality information on technology and markets.
  • Extensive work with the European technical press has resulted in knowledge of how to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the media.

Eur Ing Doreen Pechey BSc MIEEE CMath MIMA CEng MIEE Doreen graduated from The City University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; she later passed the examinations for her master's degree in Statistics and Operational Research Techniques with distinction. She also gained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Further Education) from Leeds University.

Doreen has led a varied career, including designing classified radar and sonar equipment, then teaching Mathematics at grammar schools and Engineering Mathematics at a technical college. She then changed direction again and worked as a datacommunications engineer before starting and running Computency Limited as a datacommunications consultancy.

A lot of Doreen's work now involves attending standards bodies, such as ITU-T SG16 at which she is a delegate for the United Kingdom, and ETSI TM6.

Doreen also designs web sites for companies and other organisations.

She deals with the trickier mathematical aspects of work for clients.

As Company Secretary, Doreen is responsible for the smooth running of the company.

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