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Bill Pechey's Columns in ITWeek
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Bill has been writing articles for ITWeek since October 2000. You may read them here. If you have any comments, send them to Bill via email.

Date: Title (Click to view): Abstract:
01 May 2006 What makes IPTV such a big deal? Cheaper high-speed network access is just one of the likely benefits from the move towards IPTV
30 March 2006 Will Ofcom allow BT prices to leap Ofcom is relying on its continuing control over wholesale pricing and the effect of market forces to keep the telco giant in check
03 March 2006 How to pick a mobile email system Focus on compatibility first then compare features and costs before pushing the purchase button
07 February 2006 Wireless overcomes speed restrictions Fibre and DSL are the leading technologies for fast connections, but wireless will have a growing role
12 January 2006 DSL cuts the cost of broadband Should a lack of service guarantees stop firms from swapping leased lines for cheap, fast DSL?
03 October 2005 Being inclusive is good business Communications tools that can be used by disabled people reflect well on firms that deploy them
05 September 2005 Conferencing gets a new look Video conferencing could take off at home and at work thanks to new standards for IP systems
21 July 2005 High fibre tax blocks BT rivals High-bandwidth fibre links to the home are stymied by business rates penalising wired connections
27 June 2005 Standards promote healthy growth Technology standards can increase productivity, but do they stymie innovation?
30 May 2005 802.11n supercharges Wi-Fi The forthcoming 802.11n standard will greatly increase the throughput and range of Wi-Fi equipment
02 May 2005 Europe's broadband power struggle Access to broadband services through power lines may be dead in the water, due to DSL advances
04 April 2005 Approach VoIP with caution Voice over IP services for teleworkers seem like a good idea in theory, but there are somre drawbacks
31 March 2005 Approach VoIP with caution VoIP services for teleworkers seem like a good idea, but do have drawbacks
07 February 2005 The future of mobile phones The amount of circuitry needed for mobile phones is getting smaller all the time, but the age of the wristwatch-sized personal communicator is still some way off, says Bill Pechey
10 January 2005 Location, location, location Improvements to Global Positioning System technology will soon allow GPS to work with handhelds indoors and will result in new types of services, writes Bill Pechey
22 November 2004 How to beam up more bandwidth Mobile working is hampered by low data rates, but a new antenna design could help, writes Bill Pechey
25 October 2004 Voice messages arrive via SMS A lot of startup companies showed off their wares at this year's Symbian Expo, including the impressive SpinVox system for converting voice messages to text, writes Bill Pechey
23 September 2004 Broadband crosses power lines Broadband over the electricity grid could cause problems with certain radio frequencies, and might not deliver the higher speeds users will soon come to expect, says Bill Pechey
30 August 2004 WLANS suffer growing pains The rapid spread of wireless networks across the country is increasing the chances of interference reducing performance. Bill Pechey explains how problems can be minimised
06 July 2004 Group effort may cut mobile costs A newly formed body aims to establish common programming interfaces for mobiles, writes Bill Pechey
03 June 2004 BT's Bluephone has your number Will there come a day when fixed line and mobile networks converge? Asks Bill Pechey
13 May 2004 Mobile future is fast and wireless A number of alternative wireless access technologies will eventually help to supplement 3G networks and provide roaming users with a true mobile data experience, says Bill Pechey
13 April 2004 Broadband adds to village life The experience of his own village has convinced Bill Pechey that broadband-enabled teleworking can inject new commercial vitality into even the remotest rural communities
15 March 2004 Nokia answers business call With support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS, Nokia's latest smartphone is a significant improvement, and is likely to prove popular among business users, writes Bill Pechey
16 February 2004 BT must share broadband spoils If taxpayers' money has to be used to help fund the expansion of broadband services across the UK, then it should be available to all carriers, not just BT, writes Bill Pechey
19 January 2004 Better telecoms for the deaf Changes in the way UK telecommunications are regulated and pioneering services from the US may lead to improved telephone systems for deaf people, writes Bill Pechey
01 December 2003 The future's fast and wireless By the time BT achieves 100 percent broadband coverage using ADSL, many users will be looking to wireless technology to provide even faster data access rates, says Bill Pechey
03 November 2003 Broadband beyond the law Regional Aggregation Bodies may help to get high-speed internet services to rural areas, but the law may need to be changed if local businesses are to benefit, says Bill Pechey
06 October 2003 Mobile carriers to harness hotspots New technologies and standards will soon make it easy for wireless LAN hotspots to be integrated with high-speed cellular services to support seamless roaming, says Bill Pechey
08 September 2003 Free filters keep spam in check Victims of spam should not despair, as a growing range of effective open-source filtering software is available to help userts keep their inboxes free of junk, writes Bill Pechey
28 July 2003 Rural Broadband on its way Many rural areas are still not served by BT ADSL, but high-speed access may spread sooner than expected thanks to local initiatives, says Bill Pechey
30 June 2003 Is 3G rolling at last? Increasing competition and new price tariffs for 3G phone services are welcome if they lead to greater uptake and better deals for corporate customers, says Bill Pechey
30 June 2003 Bluetooth links get simpler An improved version of the Bluetooth wireless connectivity standard is coming, but interoperability remains a concern, says Bill Pechey
02 Jun 2003 Can MBWA compete with 3G? The IEEE's proposed standard for mobile broadband wireless access is designed to offer high-speed IP data services. But will it find a place in corporate systems, asks Bill Pechey
27 May 2003 Gateway leads to VoIP New VoIP gateway could suit firms linking up branch operations by Bill Pechey
05 May 2003 Taking Bluetooth for granted Having survived early glitches and a post-hype backlash, Bluetooth technology will soon be so ubiquitous that no one will bother to mention it any more, predicts Bill Pechey
07 April 2003 Codec frees video telephony A new royalty-free video codec looks set to deliver reliable broadcast-quality video communications to relatively low-spec PCs and mobile phones, writes Bill Pechey
10 March 2003 Weighing up wireless options The emergence of three wireless networking standards means IT managers now face a confusing array of options when buying WLAN kit. Bill Pechey offers some guidance
10 February 2003 Voice over IP starts making sense Recent developments in voice over IP technology and the rise of telecommuting make this a good time for firms to reconsider the case for VoIP systems, says Bill Pechey
13 January 2003 Price is right for BT Midband BT's fast Midband data links should attract teleworkers and branch offices, but broadband in the UK would be more advanced if it had arrived five years ago, writes Bill Pechey
25 November 2002 Interference threatens broadband European Commission-led moves to limit interference to radio services could outlaw many DSL systems and set back broadband development by several years, warns Bill Pechey
28 October 2002 Nokia explores the 3G frontier The dual-mode, MMS-enabled Nokia 6650 videophone is being aimed at consumers, but it could also serve as a useful testbed for mobile business applications, says Bill Pechey
30 September 2002 Wireless broadband advances New developments in wireless technology and the government's approval of commercial 2.4GHz services will soon give people more broadband options, writes Bill Pechey
16 September 2002 Deaf users challenge telecoms When the telecoms industry has made progress in meeting its obligation to offer services for those with hearing difficulties, glitches in the system still remain, writes Bill Pechey
2 September 2002 Hope for broadband have-nots Firms and homeworkers in areas that BT has deemed unsuitable for commercial broadband services may soon have access to high-speed links via other carriers, writes Bill Pechey
29 July 2002 Developers push mobile mail GPRS services can already provide a useful means to deliver email to mobile users. With the addition of suitable encryption, other applications will be sure to follow, says Bill Pechey
15 July 2002 Picture the benefits of MMS Now that all the UK's mobile carriers are committed to the Multimedia Messaging Service, businesses should start to investigate ways to exploit the standard, writes Bill Pechey
01 July 2002 Bluetooth gets down to business The buzz from the latest Bluetooth Congress and Exhibition suggests the wireless technology will soon be adopted. Wireless Connectivity Report by Bill Pechey
01 July 2002 Villagers lobby for broadband Despite growing clamour for rural broadband services and some imaginative approaches from local communities, the operators are continuing to drag their feet, says Bill Pechey
17 June 2002 Wireless standards speed up New standards for broadband wireless access may cut the costs of building forthcoming 3G networks and in some cases may provide better alternatives to landlines, says Bill Pechey
10 June 2002 Bluetooth in the ascendant Report on the Bluetooth SIG meeting in Amsterdam from Bill Pechey
03 June 2002 Rosy picture develops for 3G Standards are progressing for third generation mobile services, and a number of potentially very popular applications are emerging. Bill Pechey predicts big opportunities for business.
20 May 2002 The case for rural ADSL BT argues that many rural areas will not provide enough customers to make the rollout of ADSL services worthwhile. But has the telecoms giant got its sums right, asks Bill Pechey
06 May 2002 Bluetooth on the brink of a boom Technical issues and high prices have delayed the progress of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. But recent developments in smartphones mean it will soon be ubiquitous, says Bill Pechey
22 April 2002 Phones smarten up for business Two new smartphones show that the Symbian operating system will have an important role in supporting a wide variety of business and consumer applications, says Bill Pechey
25 March 2002 Will unbundling ever work? The unbundling of BT's local loop has made such slow progress that only a few carriers remain committed to it. Can they succeed and offer firms more choice, asks Bill Pechey
25 February 2002 DSL traffic shows upstream flow Swedish network operator Telia has discovered that data traffic ratios in its DSL lines are changing. The trend suggests broadband provision needs a rethink, says Bill Pechey
28 January 2002 The Bluetooth car is the star With up to 70 percent of mobile calls being made in vehicles, Bill Pechey welcomes the extra safety and ease of use that Bluetooth car kits bring to cellphone communications
17 December 2001 Does SMS need a home? Standards to allow SMS to be used from fixed line phones are being developed, but will there be any demand for this type of service, wonders Bill Pechey
19 November 2001 Mesh on right frequency BT's entry into the mesh radio fray may lead to cheaper broadband vonnections and wider coverage, if residential trials prove successful
22 October 2001 Another fine mesh provider The emergence of a second UK provider of mesh wireless services shows the technology is advancing, and better broadband services could soon follow, says Bill Pechey
24 September 2001 Bluetooth stays in the pink The Bluetooth connectivity standard will not lose out to 802.11B wireless LANs, because the two standards are complementary and will co-exist
3 September 2001 Can VoIP be mainstream? The success of VoIP in international telephony should encourage firms to take another look at the merits of combined voice and data services, argues Bill Pechey
6 August 2001 Weaving a wireless mesh Wireless local loops could be costly and controversial to build. But a mesh of co-operating sites could shift the balance, creating a real rival for DSL, says Bill Pechey
23 July 2001 Will DECT muddy the waters? Bill Pechey looks at recent advances in the Digital European Cordless Telecommunications standard and wonders what the effect will be on wireless markets
9 July 2001 WLANs go free with DIY Wireless LAN and Bluetooth technology is being used to build neighbourhood networks in the US with free access. Bill Pechey asks if the UK is likely to follow suit
25 June 2001 Bluetooth and beyond Backers of Bluetooth are now tackling tasks that were not on the agenda when the system was devised. A host of new problems must now be solved, says Bill Pechey
25 June 2001 Monte Carlo Congress shows that Bluetooth is far from bust
Products based on Bluetooth technology have taken a long time to appear, but the standard is now gathering momentum, both for connecting peripherals and for networking, as Bill Pechey reports
11 June 2001 Time for GPRS to look beyond WAP GPRS wireless services require new applications that will expand their functionality, believes Bill Pechey
28 May 2001 Firms get the SMS message The popularity of the Short Message Service has created a rapidly growing array of third-party services, which will benefit mobile staff and managers, says Bill Pechey
14 May 2001 Getting the message across The 3G version of SMS will handle voice, images and video as well as text. But limited network coverage and storage issues may delay its uptake, says Bill Pechey
23 April 2001 Everything over IP Carriers have found that it makes commercial sense to put voice on packet-switched IP networks. And the same should be true for corporates, says Bill Pechey
2 April 2001 Mobiles come together Mobile data devices are converging on two platforms. This is good news for users, who will not have to start from scratch with each new device, says Bill Pechey
19 March 2001 Can phones pass the test of time? Bill Pechey considers what mobile phone manufacturers can learn from enduring products of the past
5 March 2001 Bluetooth brushes up Products are arriving to support Bluetooth wireless links between devices, and they could quickly change the shape of corporate networks, argues Bill Pechey
19 February 2001 Time for the full picture Increased bandwidth and the falling costs of mobile network connections mean the videophone might at long last become a genuine success, says Bill Pechey
5 February 2001 VDSL faces interference Broadband VDSL might support video and fast network and Internet connections for consumers and businesses. But the technology is not yet proven, says Bill Pechey
22 January 2001 Roaming on the cheap Following an appeal from readers for more advice on how to save money when using mobile phones abroad, Bill Pechey returns to the subject of roaming charges
8 January 2001 Time to cut roaming costs A European Commission report says that firms may be paying too much for mobile calls across borders. But Bill Pechey says companies can take steps to cut costs
11 December 2000 Communication for all By designing telecoms services for staff and customers with hearing impairments, firms can gain more business and make sure they stay within the law says Bill Pechey
27 November 2000 ITU raises modem standards Standards now being hammered out at the International Telecommunication Union will have a big effect on how we communicate over the next decade, says Bill Pechey
13 November 2000 Mobile and dangerous Intelligent phones are coming, accompanied by the possibility of security breaches. Defences can be built in but, as Bill Pechey says, no network is ever fireproof
30 October 2000 Patents in the dock There are some worrying trends in the use of patents, argues Bill Pechey. But tampering with a law that has survived 500 years requires some very careful thinking
16 October 2000 Data is ripe for squeezing A new data compression standard from the ITU could cut costs and speed up many applications, so it will not be long before almost everyone is using it, says Bill Pechey
2 October 2000
Gearing up for GPRS Despite its teething problems, General Packet Radio Service is very fast and will make a huge difference to smaller firms with remote users, says Bill Pechey

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